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If you are interested in getting the most from your pool, it is important that you keep up with maintenance and repairs. Alpha Pools Cleaning & Maintenance is highly skilled in identifying potential issues with your pool, including leak detection, equipment malfunctions, hardware wear and tear, surface flaws and damaged tiles. Let us help you take that proactive step to resolve a minor problem before it becomes a major one!


Repair services offered include:


Rust & Rebar Stains – We will provide a complete cut out of steel rebar stains and fill it with plaster to prevent their return.


Cracked Tile – Cracked tiles that are caused by earth movement, which is often an indicator of deeper structural problems. To fix underlying cracks, we will take one of two approaches: we will either cut the crack open and fill it with plaster and bonding material or inject it with a highly durable epoxy.


Surface Cracks – This irregular type of cracking often resembles spider webs and occurs when a pool has been left empty for long period of time or when the plaster is old. These cracks can be removed during our normal sandblasting or stripping processes and do not indicate any underlying problems.


Alpha Pools Cleaning & Maintenance is skilled in identifying and resolving your every swimming pool repair needs. We are able to recognize signs that are not noticeable to the untrained eye and extend the life of your swimming pool, saving you money and time.

Pool Repair

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