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Swimming pools bring many hours of enjoyment and exercise, but like every part of a home, a pool requires maintenance to preserve its quality and integrity. If your pool is not adequately maintained, the result will be damages that are not just costly but time consuming to repair.



We offer weekly maintenance packages to help in safeguarding your pool. Services offered include:

  • Testing and balancing pool chemistry

  • Skimming surface for any debris

  • Cleaning of all skimmer and pump baskets

  • Vacuuming pool floor

  • Brushing pool walls

  • Backwashing of filter media

  • Making sure all pool equipment is in proper working order


By investing in our weekly package, Alpha Pools Cleaning & Maintenance frees up your schedule and takes the guess work out of pool maintenance for you. Regular pool maintenance significantly reduces the frequency of pool problems, saving you time, money, worry and hassle. Let our pool professionals provide you with quality maintenance services to ensure your pool works at optimal conditions!

Weekly Services

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